World’s home and textile trends develops and changes continuously. Patterns and colors are the biggest complementary factors in home textile and decoration. We are a company that follows the world’s trends and more importantly we lead the trends. We develop and produce different quality and patterns in our design studio in İnegöl and so that we create riveting products that provide added value. While realizing this we use our experience which goes back to years, we follow the mode and trends of the world from the beginning and we bring the dreams to the life.
The passion of EBA is to develop new fabrics. This collections varies from weaving to printing, drapes, and upholstery. All start with inspiration.
EBA textile approaches its designs with different viewpoint all have the same value. We get inspired by different places, nature, fashion, architecture or a piece of newly produced yarn.

This is maybe a new production technique, process or a kind of weaving. To design a production successfully, besides appearance, function and quality are also very important.